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St. Paul's Church, Kandy, handing over three-wheeler

We are helping a person, who lost both his legs in a train accident. Many of you may have noticed him seated at the back of the church in his wheel chair. Moses Thangaraj was introduced to us by one of our Parishioners, Ms Sushila Devasirivatham who took great pains in restoring this person's life from probably the most traumatic period of his life.

It was possible for us as a church and with the help of others to rehabilitate him in his home, where he could be comfortable and get about doing things on his own without waiting for others to help him. It meant that a room and a wash room had to be built to suit his needs.

It was also possible for us to send him to Seeduwa several times to rehabilitate him with artificial limbs. We were not very successful in this attempt as he had lost both his limbs well above the knees.

St. Paul's Church, Kandy, letter received

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Still young in years, we tried several avenues of finding him a suitable livelihood. We even inserted a newspaper notice and it is sad that, today, people try to exploit such situations even at the expense of a disabled person.

We thank Fr Neil for having taken the initiative to write to Ms David Pieris Motor Company requesting a Trishaw for Moses. Our prayers were answered when they said they would donate a company reconditioned vehicle to Moses. Mr Rassika Ponnamperuma of Ms David Pieris Motor Company Ltd, Kandy, did all the spade work on this matter and it was possible to hand over this vehicle to Moses this month.

It should now be possible for Moses to have a steady income and look after himself and also get about and look at other means of making an additional income and also do his hospital clinic visits without depending on others.

We are so thankful to Ms Esther Pieris of Ms David Pieris Motor Company Ltd, for having helped Moses. Our prayers are with her and the Company and all those who helped in this matter.

We continue to assist forty three families on a monthly basis. We are in need of milk powder and flour. They are expensive items of food today and we would welcome donations of these items, even in small quantities on a monthly basis.

By Lasantha Ranasinghe

Extract from the Parish Quaterly Magazine.

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