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Simeon and Anna Fellowship of St. Paul's Church, Kandy

Parrish Activities

This organization was the brain child of Sister Dorothy Goonewardena. It was meant for elders in the church, both men and women to meet together to study God’s Word and to do little services to the church community such as visiting the sick in homes and hospital etc. Thank God for His infinite mercies for enabling us to complete 13 years of this little service to the church community.

In August this year we had a special service of thanksgiving. During the earlier part of the existence of this group, the number of members was quite large and we were able to organise an Elders’ Day program for our church members as well as those of sister churches in the town such as Christ Church, Methodist Church etc. Unfortunately due to dwindling numbers we are unable to undertake such large events. We do hope that this will be a WAKE UP CALL for elders in

our parish to join our group so that this little Ministry in His name will be continued.

Our founder Dorothy Goonewardena still continues her connection with us and is truly worthy of emulation in the real ANNA tradition. E specially invite elder males also to join this group so that its name is true in a real sense. The prayers of the congregation for the continuance of this little Ministry is earnestly solicited.