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Parish Quarterly Magazine (December 2022 to February 2023) - St. Paul's Church, Kandy


"A, cry from Bethlehem"

"I bring you news of great Joy a Joy to be shared by the whole people; Today in the town of David a savior has been born to you, he is Christ the Lord" - Luke 2; 10

Message From the Vicar

Friends in Christ,

Christmas is not at our door step and we do have many weeks to prepare for this important day. , I do not know whether we use the allocated time to question our hearts, our responsibilities and our own witness as Christians. We are in the midst of so many sounds and voices that are echoing around us with various kinds of needs, expectations, hopes and with aspiration, but amid those nuclear sounds, we must recognize the voice of God who called us to freedom through hope and righteousness. God is inviting us to follow his footsteps believing that he only can show us the true light and he only can give us true hope. We as Christians of the city of Kandy live an unbearable stressful and sad life because of the existing political landscape of our country. Due to the hopeless situation hundreds of our educated population have migrated as they see no future in their motherland.

We also witness how cruelly the voices of the opposition is suppressed by the government by using force. These are undemocratic acts and an attitude

of pride which should never be used in developed societies. We must allow our people to talk and get their opinion as the whole country is going through an extremely difficult time. We must not forget how the prophets of the Old Testament reacted to the suppression and God's responses towards the powerful when they harmed the innocents.

This year we are not in a position to celebrate the festive season in a grandiose way, rather, we need to use a very simple approach.Austerity should be the key note this season for us all. The church will organize our usual festive services, caroling, and other seasonal activities as a ‘sign’ of hope and preparation. I know many cannot afford the traditional sharing of Christmas gifts, and even additional expenses limiting our activities only towards our own.

Therefore, let us be mindful of why we want to celebrate Christmas? and in what way we can give glory to God and what kind of way we can offer our praise and thanksgiving in order to give our utmost to the glory of God. Christmas is none other than Joy, happiness, goodness, patience, acceptance and very specially sharing of God's care. It is mingled with hope and new life, where very many of us experience in varied ways.

Let us also not forget to pray for our diocese as we are looking forward to appoint a new bishop for our diocese, that God may provide wisdom to the members of the Diocesan Council.

Please be present at as many Christmas events as you can, as a sign of encouragement and support to the parish.

The Sunday school Prize giving and childrens programme will be held on the 11th of December. Please support as you can.

There will be a special envelope for gifts for unknown children it will be “A Gift to Jesus this Christmas” kindly bring a small additional gift for another child or you can give in cash.

There will be caroling to the Hospitals and visits to our elderly arranged by the Youth fellowship.We are happy to announce that our girls and boys were able to win the Badminton Tournament organized by the YMCA, Kandy.Please send your sons and daughters for our Youth fellowship for the Youth are the next generation of our Parish.

In the name of Christ,

May we share and enjoy this season,