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Parish Quarterly Magazine (March 2022 to May 2022) - St. Paul's Church, Kandy


Message From the Curate

Dear Brothers and sisters in Christ,,

"Then they returned to their country by another road" (Matt. 2:12)

After series of celebrations once again we are entering into an ordinary time. The Anglican Church, although we described these six weeks after Epiphany as the season of Epiphany, the universal liturgical calendar remembers that after major celebrations like Epiphany, we are reverting to the ordinary time, because Jesus too directly began his ministry after his Baptism.

According to St. Matthew chapter 2 verse 12 the wise men went to see the Lord, but they went to a wrong place to encounter him first. Their presence in Jerusalem disturbed the whole Environment including King Herod. After the Wise men offered their gifts to baby Jesus without listening to the request of King Herod, they returned to their countries by another road according to the guidance given by their dreams.

Here we can recognize the wicked plans of King Herod. God changed the plans of margaie in order to protect the child. Not only did he change the plans of Wise men but he changed ours too, dear friends. God expect us to change our plans and strategies’ so that we may be safe.

After 1st week of January, from 18th to the 23rd we celebrate the power of unity. Especially from an Ecumenical movement and unity among Christian denominations. We the Anglican Christians in Kandy must take these needs seriously and focus our relationship with other Christian denominations and also with other religions in order to have a proper understanding between us and our world.

We are happy for the First term of the year began and all our young ones can go to school once again. Our Sunday school too will be reopened for the Year 2022. Even though the pandemic situation continues, we need serious attention of our children’s protection and follow the health guidelines on preventive measure. Let us remember all our loved once and those who have gone before us to nearer to Lord, while praying for all the health Officials and healer.

The Patronal Festival is the time we give thanks to God for the Holy Eucharist and Communion up gathering. We appreciate God’s grace for another year and move forward with Lords grace. Giving thanks to God for all the grace and wisdom we received. We commit our mission at St. Paul’s which is extra ordinary in this city.

While we are remembering how Gods goodness is bestowed on us, let us not forget the candidates their families and further learning priests. The time of celebrations, connected to God, with our daily wages, our community our prayers and relationships with Jesus and with the world, whose majesty are poor.

Let us also not forget we are in a crisis situation. Crisis in the country, that provides no hope for its citizens. Many young and professionals are leaving the country due to lack of hope and future. Let us pray continually and earnestly for a “change” in the political and social atmosphere. The countries situation decaying not only in the area of governance and financial management but life of every individual became a tragic. Lack of food and lack of medical items brought shock among the ordinary people, where majority are poor. Friendsit is our responsibility to effectively look after our poor and destitute as Christ did.

Believing our Lords words “do not be afraid, I will be with you forever, until the end” we must not fear for the challenges or to witness to the Gospel, rather we must be caring in the community of God in this city, for we can make ourselves once concerns in this city. Let we thank God for the last two years that God brought in because of his mercy. Our God may never leave us in this chaos or neither in the trouble situations without hope, because he is our hope and refuge.

With much Love and appreciation
Yours in Christ,

Ven. George Melder
Vicar – St. Paul’s Church, Kandy

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