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St. Paul's links with St. Peter's, Harrogate

St. Peter's Church, Harrogate, United Kingdom

St. Paul’s Church inaugurated a link with St. Peter’s Church, Harrogate in UK in February 2014 when a group of 6 members from there visited Sri Lanka with Christine Jack a long term friend of the Diocese of Kurunagala.

The group included Christine jack, Emma Mackay, Wendy Wright, Ben Wright, Martin Knight, Margaret Knight and were representative of the Environment, a school, the Youth fellowship etc among others. The parish welcomed them in the traditional form offering the betel leaf and lighting the oil lamp, before the service. They joined in our Sunday worship service taking part in the readings, sermon and intercessions. After the worship service Christine highlighted the importance of the link, in exchange of knowledge, resources, praying for each other and experiencing

the cultures and traditions of Sri Lanka and UK. The group then joined the various small groups from the parish with all those who were interested in the fields of environment, Sunday school, Youth, Music, and others.

During the rest of the week the group visited other churches and places of interests and had a brief time with the Bishop of Kurunagala, discussing the challenges and progress of our parishes and schools in the Diocese. During their stay they were exposed to the religious harmony we experience at St. Paul’s, and certain parish activities at the Eventide Home and the Evelyn Nursery, the children’s home. As a group they were immensely benefited and blessed by everything they experienced and saw in our Sri Lankan culture and from our church family.