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Environment Committee of St. Paul's Church, Kandy

Parrish Activities

The environment Committee which represents all members from St. Paul’s Church Kandy also functions as the same to the Diocese of Kurunagala. Our activities throughout the year targets three different areas.

  • Creating awareness among our own congregations

  • Participating in practical environment programs.

  • Educating the larger community using the media, Pradeshiya Sabha and Municipalities Since 1992 the practical and educational programs carried out to the wider community by our group are being implemented now by the local municipal councils and the urban community. It is a joy to see that they have accepted what we have been highlighting for many years. E.g. The need to divert from non organic agricultural methods to organic eco friendly cultivation, and proper waste disposal.

Every Year we have been able to select two parishes one English and one Sinhala or Tamil for our awareness programs. The theme covers the environmental problem in the area and the congregation is prepared through an inspirational environment worship service to understand God’s Creation and the need as a Christian to nurture and protect our planet earth.

Eg: Christ Church Matale

Environment Committee of St. Paul's Church, Kandy

Theme – Save Trees, Save Water

As the area covers most of our virgin forests the importance of preserving them for our future generations was highlighted.

Practical programmes

  • 1. Sunday School Children actively participated in a tree planting programme in St. Paul’s Church garden. Every Class was given a plant to grow which in 50 years would be of immense value.

    E.g. Clove tree, Nelli Tree, Shower of Gold (Ehela) Cinnamon tree, Nutmeg, Goraka, Jambu , and pepper plants. Every plant was labelled with its botanical and Sinhala name. Today it is a beauty to see all of them are growing well and the children admire and feel them as their own.

  • 2. Teaching the congregation to sort out their waste and make compost from waste that decay was also done with the parishioners of our church. Demonstration of how to make your own compost bin out of Weta Mara (Gliricidia) was demonstrated for every one of them to make at home. The urban council has now implemented this method in their respective areas to reduce garbage after so many years.

  • 3. Many educational programmes were done on Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation and Rupavahini Television Channel in creating awareness of the need to be gentle while enjoying the earth.

The Committee –

Prof Nedra Karunaratne,
Dr Lakmini Illangasinghe,
Mr Senerath Yatawara,
Dr Priennie Ranatunga,
Mrs Lakdini Katugaha.