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St. Paul's Church, Kandy, in the Near Future ...

About Us

Visit to St. Peter’s Parish, Harrogate, UK

During the Holy week and Easter 2015 a group from St. Paul’s Church is due to visit our link parish in the UK, in exchange of our talents, resources and experiences.

Need of a Parish Hall

Since 1992, as the then Government acquired our St. Paul’s School and an acre of land, we were left with the present area of the church building and the garden. The children were deprived of a place for the Sunday school and a meeting Hall for the parishioners.

The trustees have taken up this matter with many an official in the Urban Development Authority, the Central Cultural Fund, the Christian Religious Affairs Ministry and the Archaeology Department. Further we have written to the President requesting a solution for our immediate problems.

Being in the Heritage Site a new building is a remote possibility. As the Lawyers’ offices on the other side of the road in front of the church, are being shifted out, we have requested for some space from that building. We need your prayers very much on this matter, as we are silently suffering without any hope of a Parish Hall, in the near future.

The Central Cultural Fund

As our Church remains a World Heritage Building, renovations to the roof and to the building could only be done with the permission and approval of the Central Cultural Fund. Hopefully this will be attended to in 2015, as promised by the authorities.

A Mission of Praise and Renewal

The last parish mission we had was organised by Fr Paul Watson led by a visiting Missionary from USA Fr. Desmond Gunasekera . Many requests for another renewal mission would be considered in 2015.