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Parish Quarterly Magazine (March 2017 to May 2017) - St. Paul's Church, Kandy


From the Vicar

My dear sisters and brothers in Christ! Greetings in the name of the risen Christ who saved the world by his life giving power on a cross!

As Christians, we have stepped in to the season of lent, which will be followed by Easter, the great festival of Christian faith.

With Ash Wednesday, which begins the period of lent comes a time of repentance. It is a time that reminds us that we are human, weak, sinful and always subject to temptation and fall, and this drives us to ask forgiveness from God for our sins. It is a time for us to re-establish the broken relationship with God and people, to become renewed and new beings. For that, the church gives us three avenues; of prayer, of fasting and of giving alms. Through prayer we deepen

our relationship with God, through fasting we control ourselves and through giving alms and supporting the needy, we strengthen our relationship with others. It is very important for us to reflect on why we engage in the above three actions. It is a good thing to repent of sinful activities; however, repenting of sin is something we should be doing every day of the year, not just during Lent. It is a good thing to clearly identify oneself as a Christian; but, again, this should be an everyday identification. And it is good to remember that no ritual can make one’s heart right with God unless we understand and make use of the rituals.

Good Friday and Easter remind us of the historical reality of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Life and death are major struggles in a person’s life. People search for every possibility to overcome death in order to live. Sometimes, some of them cheat on life and are dishonest but Jesus faced death with obedience to his

Father and that obedience and truthfulness brought him to a resurrected life. As we look forward to celebrate Easter, let us make ourselves obedient to God in every aspect of our lives even in the midst of every trial and temptation.

May this time of Lent become a time of real spiritual exercise, so that we experience the resurrection of Jesus.

May the tempted, crucified and risen Lord, be always with you.

Shelton Daniel

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March 2017 to May 2017