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Parish Quarterly Magazine (September 2017 to November 2017) - St. Paul's Church, Kandy


Message From the Vicar

Greetings to all the readers of this parish magazine.
New Life in Christ...

Dear readers in Christ,

Irrespective of who we are, we all hope for a new life. For Christians, accepting Jesus as Christ, lord and liberator, following his way of life and his teaching in our day today life enables us to possess a new way of life. The central focus of the New Testament reflects the life of Jesus Christ and the intentions of the writers, are for the reader to live the life Jesus lived.

Jesus took human form in this world to liberate all humankind from all kinds of bondage. Jesus did fulfil this purpose of coming into this world; but in the Roman Palestinian context most of the people rejected his nature of life. They did not accept the values of his living and teaching. He had to confront many socio - political structures that existed during the time of Jesus. But Jesus went beyond the structures that limit human space. Such confrontations eventually led Jesus to death, a death on a cross which signifies vulnerability, insignificance, the marginal, the despised and the downtrodden. Therefore his identity with humankind culminated humiliation. Jesus, though divine being became totally human. We accepting and

living this humanness of Jesus today is the new life in Christ.

Friends, let us focus on what it means being in Christ and how this leads us to gain a new life.

May the God of Life lead us into a newness of life which reflects the humanness of Christ.


Shelton Daniel

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